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Kansas City, MO
United States of America

Welcome to the Heart of America Chapter of VCOA.  We are a group of Volvo enthusiasts that reside in the heartland of America.

2017/01/28 - General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting Minutes - January 28, 2017

Location:    “Club Volvo”, Kansas City, Missouri

Attendance:   John Eby, Bob Foos, Lornie Haugen, Duane Hoberg, Lemeul Kimes, Glen McMillin, Scott Peper, Brandon Porter, Jeff Schuman, John Sloss, Brad Tally, Phil Turner


Keithley Lake generously opened his “Club Volvo” for a joint meeting with Volvos of KC and provided those in attendance with a wide-variety of meats and sides from Kansas City’s own Gates BBQ. 

While dining, the attendees went around the room and confessed of the Volvo’s they own, have owned and loved.  Approximately 12 members of the host organization graciously shared in the enthusiasm of “Volvoness”.  Our furthest travelled member, Lornie Haugen, attended, driving all the way from Franklin WI.  Lornie is well-known and highly-regarded in the Volvo circles.  Bob Foos also traveled from Joplin to attend.  It was great to have them both in attendance as well as all of the others who traveled shorter distances, but with an equal amount of enthusiasm.

Following the meal, Brad Tally regaled us with the history of Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI (location of the 2016 VCOA National Meet) and a video of the historic track.  This was an incredible event attended by a number of Heart of America club members.

Glen McMillin then reviewed the calendar of events planned by the HOA Chapter, inviting all to participate and participate in the planning if they like.  The hallmark event of the year will be the VCOA National Meet, which will be in Tulsa OK October 20-22.  All of the events can be found on the Heart of America website

The attendees then adjourned to the Club Volvo garage/workshop to inspect some of the current work in progress.  Front and center was Keithley’s latest acquisition, a yellow 1967 122 2-door.  He flew to California to pick it up and courageously drove it home.  He reports that the trip was largely uneventful until he was about an hour from KC, when one of the four cylinders decided it was time to die.

Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 11, 2017 with the group meeting at “The Quaff Bar and Grill”, 1010 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri 64105 for a preliminary membership meeting before adjourning to Bartle Hall to visit the 2017 Kansas City International Auto Show.

Respectfully submitted:

Phil Turner

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