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Kansas City, MO
United States of America

Welcome to the Heart of America Chapter of VCOA.  We are a group of Volvo enthusiasts that reside in the heartland of America.


General Membership Meeting Minutes - December 1, 2018

Location:    Resto 101 & Wyoming Street Wine Bar in Pleasant Hill, Mo


On Saturday December 1st we had a solid gathering of 12 Volvo of Kansas City members in Pleasant Hill, Mo.  We started our day with a tour and informative discussion by Jeff Wheeler, the owner of Resto 101.  Imagine a Midwestern version of the television show "American Restoration."  Jeff gave us a behind the scenes tour of his one man shop with an emphasis in restoring bits and pieces of vintage Americana that include gas pumps, bicycles, scooters, signs, pedal cars, etc.  Jeff does not sell very many of his items as he focuses on restoring items that customers bring to him.  Don’t be in a hurry to get your item restored as he currently is on a 1.5 year wait for new projects.   

After our tour, we walked to Wyoming Street Wine bar and enjoyed Paninis and Pizza, in a restored downtown building that was originally built 125 years ago! 

During our lunch we reviewed several of our club activities from 2018. 

May 5, 2018 - Cinco de Mayo Road Trip.  

Seven local members in a “Volvo convoy” made the jaunt north to Bellevue, NE and Glenwood, IA to visit the restoration shop of Shane Ashworth, an avid Volvo collector and restorer.  Approximately 20 Volvo’s from Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska joined up the shop.  After a tour of the facility, lunch was partaken at Shane’s restaurant “Lil Burro.”  He has to sell a bunch of tacos to fund his full on Volvo obsession! 

June 15-17, 2018 VCOA regional Midsommar event. 

Our dedicated committee put together an amazing regional 3 day event in Lindsborg, KS (aka Little Sweden USA).  57 participants from 9 states participated in the event.  A weekend packed with Lindsborg's Midsommar festival, and Volvo cars ,made for quite a weekend! 

October 27, 2018 - 6th Annual Mid Missouri Meet up 

We took a scenic road trip to Fulton, Mo. to visit the National Winston Churchill museum on the campus of Westminster College.  Our Kansas City chapter was met at the museum by the Gateway chapter folks from Saint Louis.  We ended up with 27 participants from the 2 chapters.  The museum is housed in the Saint Mary’s church which is a 1600’s building that was bombed during WW II.  The church was transplanted to Missouri, literally stone by stone.  This is a hidden gem in the middle of the country…why Missouri you might ask…a guy by the name of Harry Truman was a friend of Winston Churchill…and of course they were in a similar “business.”   

Kansas City Cars and Coffee - various dates. 

Several members of the club also represented Volvo at the Kansas City Cars and Coffees scattered around town.  If you have not made it to one of these events you should make an effort next summer.  There is literally every make and model represented at these early morning gatherings!.  Many of these gatherings will have 300-500 cars in attendance.   

At lunch we had a quick “brainstorming’ session throwing out ideas regarding activities for 2019.  

  • Drive in movie night

  • Cars and Coffee

  • Empire Automotive hosting a Tech Talk

  • BBQ at Club Volvo

  • Pleasant Hill Cruise Night

  • Driving…somewhere….anywhere…specifically a country road drive to Atchison/Weston was discussed with some type o elevated photo.

  • Midsommar 2019 is in the discussion only phase….rumor has it that a group out of Chicago may be interested in hosting the 2019 event.   

The VCOA national meet has not been announced at this time…there was some discussion it was going to be held at the new Volvo factory on the East Coast…that has been tabled until at least 2020. 

We finished our lunch with the nominations and election of officers for 2019…. 

  • President - Keithley Lake

  • Vice President - Jeff Schuman

  • Communication Director - Phil Turner

  • Treasurer - Jim Henderson 

It has been another solid year for our chapter as we continue to be one of the most active chapters in the VCOA.  I want to extend a thank you to several of the members for help with the regional meet in Lindsborg, KS.…it was quite an undertaking that proved to be one of our better regional events.  Thanks go out to Keithley Lake, David Henderson, Jim Henderson, Don Mackey, Phil Turner, Jeff Schuman,  and Glen McMillan.    I could not have accomplished the Lindsborg event without everyone’s help! 

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your president in 2018! 

Brad Tally

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