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Kansas City, MO
United States of America

Welcome to the Heart of America Chapter of VCOA.  We are a group of Volvo enthusiasts that reside in the heartland of America.

2014/07/12 - General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting - July 12, 2014

Location:    Church of the Resurrection Car Show, Leawood, Kansas

Attendance:   Doug Bridwell, Jim Henderson, Bart Klein, Don Mackey, Evon and Richard Repaire, Jack and Kathleen Royer, Galen Smith, Brad and Brenda Tally, Phil Turner, Jim and Sam Wehunt.   Additionally we were joined by Paul Curtis – guest of Jim Henderson

As a club, we had a total of eight (8) vehicles entered in the show or on display at the “Volvo Club of Kansas City” area (easily identified by having three (3) sun shade shelters set up –  with a bonus of “Free Ice Water”, just like Wall Drug!   We spent the mid-day drawing envious glances from other less well prepared vehicle owners baking in the shade free parking lot.

  • 1967 122s shown by Jim Henderson
  • 1967 P210 shown by Bart Klein
  • 1967 P210 shown by Brad and Brenda Tally
  • 1965 PV544 shown by Phil Turner
  • 1970 1800e shown by Brad and Brenda Tally
  • 1973 1800es shown by Jack and Kathleen Royer
  • 1967 1800s shown by Don Mackey
  • 2001 S60 shown by Doug Bridwell

Jim Henderson was awarded 2nd place for his immaculate “Amazon” in the very large class of 1960 – 1974 “Stock” cars, and Brad Tally received the trophy for “Pastor’s Pick” with his P210.

It would be an unforgivable gaffe if there was no mention of what was certainly the highlight of the meeting.   Evon and Richard Repaire showed up with a full fledged picnic buffet for the assembled multitude.   Delicious friend chicken, secret Louisiana recipe salad, Deviled eggs and one of the best cold mixed fruit assortments this reporter has ever tasted!

During the course of the loosely defined “Meeting” we also enjoyed the company of a well placed representative of the Kansas City All British Car Club who has been in contact with our “Swedish” club with the intent of having joint participation in future events as they intend to expand their horizons to become a “European Car Club”.   Their initial explorations in this vein have been to solicit both the Swedish and Italian car clubs to join with them in future events.    As such, the Heart of America Chapter, VCOA - Kansas City Volvo Club has been invited to join them at their Car and Cycle show being held on August 31st at “Zona Rosa” (8640 North Dixon Avenue – intersection of I-29 and Barry Road).    Check their internet web site  for more details.  Additionally they have extended the invitation to participate in the “Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival” on October 10th and 11th.   If you want the experience of driving your Volvo “At Speed” on a 2.8 mile former SCCA event track, this is your chance.   In addition to a Car Show, Autocross and Lunch, there will be “Track Events” in four speed ranges – up to 120mph!  Again, if you need more detail, and want to register…

New Member Galen Smith was introduced and quickly found everyone – and especially his fellow S60 owners - to be both congenial and talkative!

The historic old State Prison has been turned into a formidable and impressive museum and our group will enjoy a guided tour!   As a bonus this is another “Convoy Opportunity” for those wanting to attend and participate.   Further details as they are made available.   Check out their web site at     

Please RSVP to Phil if you are going to participate!

  • Bart Klein provided an update on VCOA activities and addressed the 2014 VCOA National Meet which is scheduled for October 31 – November 2 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   You are encouraged to register early using the VCOA web site   You may also want to make your lodging reservations at the official event hotel “soon” in order to get the best rates guaranteed to the club members.  Details are on the web site or you can contact the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks directly at (497) 253-9768 – asking for the VCOA rates starting at $109.00 per night.
  • Meeting was opened to comments from the floor and some discussion followed in regards to Club participation at the Overland Park Downtown Days on September 27th.  This will be the third year that the HOA Chapter has been invited to participate in their Car Club Display.  Please let Phil Turner know if you want to participate.
  • Next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Saturday, September 13th which coincides with the KCI Car show at the Ambassador Building (Former WireCo and Farmland Building) located at 12200 NW Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, MO 64157  (Just east of the airport on highway 291).   Due to the success of this month’s meeting, we will once again have an outdoor event!   This is a non-judged Car Show with free admission and lots of “Family Friendly” activities.  Meeting starting at 3:00pm under the Club Sun Shelter – complete with Free Ice Water!   Bring your own Lawn Chairs!
  • Anyone interested in purchasing a project car (RWD cars to include 544’s, Duett, 1800es as well as a number of old British Cars) should contact Rhody Harris  (816) 786-7534  eMail address is:   Cars are located in the Des Moines area.
  • Phil Turner had a supply of the new club Polo Shirts (w/pocket) on hand for sale to those that had not pre-ordered.   There is a small remaining inventory available at $25.00 each

  • 5 Medium  Blue
  • 1 Medium Yellow
  • 2 XLarge   Yellow
  • 3 XXLarge Blue
  • 2 XXLarge Yellow

Please contact Phil Turner if you would like to purchase one (or more).  (816) 213-0769 or by eMail at